New Year, New Games

Happy New Year!

However you spent it, we hope you had a blast. The first of January is an exciting time for us, and not for the usual sweeping life changes shenanigans — we have a couple of cool things coming down the pipes, and we’re pumped to finally announce them here.

The first: we won a contest! Our last post, Why We Love Corona SDK, took grand prize in a competition hosted by Corona to tell them just why we use their creation. (It’s pretty telling, I think, that all of the entries revolved around a similar theme: Corona is ridiculously easy to use.) We’re honored to have won, and excited to see how 10,000 app installs of Tiny Boxes will change our trajectory moving forward into 2018.

We have a little work ahead of us. To snag those installs, we’ll have to create several video advertisements. Neither of us have done this before, so sit tight. We’ll blog about the process here once we’ve figured out what we’re doing.

The second: our newest game, Frosted, will drop later this month. We’ve had this cooking for awhile, now, and we’re excited to do a little show and tell over the next few weeks. It’s a dramatically different game from Tiny Boxes, but still a simple one, and we think—with clearly no bios whatsoever—that it more than meets our goal to make great games for non-gamers.

Stay tuned, friends. Much like the year ahead of us, we’re just getting started.


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